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      樊京芳:Statistical physics approaches to the complex Earth system
      發布時間:2021-03-22   瀏覽次數:204

      報告題目: Statistical physics approaches to the complex Earth system






      樊京芳博士,北京師范大學系統科學學院教授,德國波茨坦氣候影響研究所(PIK)訪問教授。2014年博士畢業于中國科學院理論物理研究所。曾在以色列巴伊蘭大學Shlomo Havlin,PIK的Jürgen Kurths和Hans Joachim Schellnhube教授組分別從事博士后、助理教授工作。美國哈佛大學、波士頓大學訪問學者。2020年10月入職北京師范大學系統科學學院,研究方向為統計物理,氣候系統,網絡理論,地震系統和金融市場預測等。以第一作者或通訊作者在Nature Physics, Physics Reports, PNAS, GRL等國際知名期刊發表論文30余篇。


      Global warming, extreme climate events, earthquakes and their accompanying natural disasters pose significant risks to humanity. Yet due to the nonlinear feedback, multiple interactions and complex structure of the Earth system, the understanding and in particular the predicting of such disruptive events represent formidable challenges for both scientific and policy communities. During the past years, the emergence and evolution of Earth system science has attracted much attention and produced new concepts and frameworks. Especially, novel statistical physics and complex networks-based techniques have been developed and implemented to substantially advance our knowledge for a better understanding of the Earth system. I will present a brief review on the recent scientific progress in the development and application of how combined statistical physics and complex systems science approaches can beapplied to complex Earth systems.

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